Alexander discovered that there is an inherent co-ordinating reflex in the body governed by the relationship between the head, neck and back. This relationship can operate well or poorly, depending on how it is used. When the neck is relatively free of tension, the head can become freely poised on top of the spine. From there, the head can release forward and up in relation to the rest of the body and as a consequence, the entire torso will lengthen and widen. This results in conditions of freedom and integrity within the organism.

“The Alexander Principle states that there are ways of using your body which are better than certain other ways.  That when you lose these better ways of using your body, your functioning will begin to suffer – in some important respects.” – Wilfred Barlow, The Alexander Principle

“Co-ordinated use of the organism means that there is satisfactory control of a complex mechanism.” – F.M. Alexander, Conscious Constructive Control of the Individual