A) Helps recovery from:      

1. headaches
2. neck and back injuries
3. arthritis
4. chronic pain
5. herniated discs
6. occupational injuries
7. Repetitive Strain Injuries

B) Effective in preventing further progression of scoliosis

C) Prevention of stress and body-related ailments

D) Greater ease and efficiency of movement

E) Improvement of  postural use

F) Improvement of  balance, vitality and sense of well-being

G)  Improve co-ordination, ease and performance in:

1. theatre
2. dance
3. music and vocal arts
4. mind-body disciplines
5. professional and recreational sports

H) Reduction of stress, fatigue and excess tension

“Good health is priceless and this technique lays the best possible foundation for good health.  If one is mis-using oneself it must be an advantage to be able to correct this misuse.” – Patrick Macdonald, The Alexander Technique As I See It

“[The Technique] is valuable, among other reasons, as a means for increasing conscious control of the body and, in this way, raising a human being from a condition of physical unawareness to a state of physical self-consciousness and self-control.” – Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means